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on 2-3 March 2018

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EXHIBITION «EDUCATION SHOW», October 13-14, 2017

Anastasia Rykova, Development Director, GIZMA BUSINESS SCHOOL (Germany)
We are representatives of one of the leading business schools in Germany. We represent the level of the best graduate schools in the world! We decided to go to the Russian market with the help of the EducationShow exhibition. We are first-timers here. One can say that we are carrying out some kind of a survey! We like everything starting from the level of the exhibition and its management and up to the activity of visitors who know what they want. We hope to become its regular participants!

Daniel Kruger, a representative of the international students section of the INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS SCHOOL HOTEL & TOURISM MANAGEMENT (France)
We participate in this exhibition for the second time. We have met here many students interested in our Master's program. Of course, there is also demand for a Bachelor's degree, but mostly people are interested in the second higher education. We are very satisfied with both the visitors flow and management of the TRAINING ABROAD exhibition and possibilities for partnership relationships.

Patricia, an official representative of the Spanish Embassy, STUDY IN SPAIN
We specialize in customers informing about the sphere of education in Spain as well in the assistance in the process of entering an educational program of any level. Since there is a great interest in Spanish real estate nowadays, this fact makes its impact on the increased demand for education in Spain, though education in Spain itself is of great value and has independent demand. We feel confident at the TRAINING ABROAD exhibition, and we are going to participate in it in the future!

Vyacheslav Lychagin, General Director of GLOBAL DIALOG (training and education abroad)
We specialize in all high-demand segments at the modern education market starting from higher education and up to language courses and summer educational camps in more than twenty countries of the world. Therefore, we consider participation in such a high-profile exhibition as the EducationShow to be necessary. Indeed, it is interesting here; target audience is interested in our sphere, especially in Master's degree programs. We hope to take part in the following exhibitions at Tishinka.

Sergey Gorev, Head of Austria Gid, www.uchi-in-austria.rf (higher education in Austria)
I take part in the "TRAINING ABROAD" exhibition for the second time. Interest in the education in Austria is obvious; audience interest is specific and target-oriented. I've found clients here, so I see the point in the further collaboration.

Eduard Pirnak, the author of the TargetEducation project (education in England)
Our project covers both primary, secondary, and higher education in England, a country with a cult and long-standing traditions of education that have gained its fame all over the world.
We are first-timers at the "TRAINING ABROAD" exhibition, but it has exceeded our expectations so much that, of course, in the future we are going to join our colleagues at Tishinka. The target audience is attracted and oriented; the participants are only of a high level!

Natalia Mollenhayer, Head of the Rahn Education language school (Germany)
We specialize in the secondary education in Germany, including music education. Since we saw excellent results after our first participation in this Educational Exhibition, of course we turned out to be here for the second time. We are going to be its participants in future as this exhibition hits the mark.

Olga Novitskaya, the owner of URPEAK (Switzerland)
We specialize in mentoring services for both higher education and an international career in Switzerland. We take part in the exhibition for the first time and, frankly speaking, it was a welcome surprise to us: the audience is prepared, interested, people ask the right questions! As for the visitors flow, there is no even time to get away from our promo stand to have a snack. A great sign in this context!

Maria Antonenko, a representative of the Middlesex University (Dubai)
We offer Bachelor's and Master's courses in Dubai. Our main campus is in London, so our graduates gain British diplomas. We are newcomers here, but we have heard a lot about it: it is a high profile and image-building exhibition. We see real results: we have found partner agents, exchanged contacts with interested clients. We are very satisfied and we would like to become regular participants of the EducationShow exhibition.


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