Moscow Education Show

Call to +7 495 7772577

Welcome to the Moscow Education Show
on 12-13 October 2018

Exhibition venue. "Tishinka" exhibition centre Russia, Moscow, Tishinskaya sq., 1, building 1

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Stand Plan of the Education Show Exhibition

The Tishinka exhibition centre has an interesting triangular design which will ensure a smooth and constant flow of visitors to your stands. This is a superb exhibition facility, centrally located with easy access and parking.

Stand Plan of the Moscow Education Show Exhibition

Types of Standard Shell

Variant A

Stand 6 sq. m, Variant AStand 6 sq. m, Variant A, corner

Variant B

Stand 6 sq. m, Variant BStand 6 sq. m, Variant B, corner

Variant C

Stand 6 sq. m, Variant CStand 6 sq. m, Variant C, corner


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